2018July 29Saint Petersburg was chosen as the next ICM venue at the General Assembly of the IMU in São Paulo.
SeptemberThis domain was registered and collection of signatures started.
November 8Ami Radunskaya, President of the Association for Women in Mathematics, sent a letter to the ICM Organizing Committee, asking them to rethink their choice of St Petersburg, Russia, an unsafe location for the LGBTQ.
2019March 29We sent a letter to the members of the IMU Executive Committee demanding them to act in support of two students, Azat Miftakhov and Pavlo Hryb, arrested in Russia on political grounds. The reponse of the IMU President, Professor Kenig, and the following correspondence are posted here.
April 29Professor Daya Reddy, President of the International Science Council and Chair of the Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science, responded to the letter of the IMU President regarding Azat Miftakhov and Pavlo Hryb. Unfortunately, the ISC decided to take no action as the arrests are not directly related to their science discipline nor their pursuit of their scientific research. Our response to Professor Daya Reddy, insisting that an action is needed as there were reported tortures against the students, and further correspondence with the ISC.
September 7Pavlo Hryb and Oleh Sentsov, who is mentioned in our Statement of Purpose, were released and deported to Ukraine along with 33 other political prisoners. More than 80 political prisoners of Ukrainian nationality remain in custody in the Russian Federation. The majority of them are Crimean Tatar activists.
2020October 16Scientific American published an opinion article "When Scientists Become Political Dissenters" by Ahmed Abbes, Michel Broué, Chandler Davis, Adrien Deloro, Ivar Ekeland, Michael Harris and Masha Vlasenko. The article disusses three cases of scientists detained on political grounds, one of them being Azat Miftakhov. Azat is now in jail for almost two years.
November 14The Mathematical Society of France issued a statement on Miftakhov's case.
2021January 447 mathematicians sent a letter concerning the case of Azat Miftakhov to the members of the Executive Organizing Committee and Local Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians that will be held in Saint-Petersburg in 2022:
"Freedom is one of the highest values for us as scientists. Attending the congress while our colleague Azat Miftakhov is arbitrarily detained will pose a serious dilemma for us and for the entire mathematical community. We kindly ask you to take an active position on this case and to communicate with the state authorities to free Azat."
January 5Jill Pipher, the president of the American Mathematical Society, wrote a letter to the Golovinsky court in Moscow, where the verdict to Azat Miftakhov should be soon announced.
January 18The Golovinsky Court in Moscow sentences Azat Miftakhov to 6 years in prison with serving a sentence in a general regime colony. The international mathematical community is appalled and horrified by the verdict. Several mathematicians made a statement:
... we have come to believe that the charges against him are a pure invention of the Russian authorities.
We will continue to monitor Azat Miftakhov's case and provide our support until he is released and his rights are fully restored. We hold the Russian authorities directly responsible for the safety and physical and moral integrity of our colleague.
February 26The Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union issued a statement regarding the recent events in Russia in relation to the upcoming International Mathematical Congress in Saint Petersburg. The Azat Miftakhov committee wrote this response entitled "On human rights and the 2022 ICM in Russia".
... We regard this position [of IMU], expressed in absolute and unconditional terms, as incompatible with our moral and ethical obligations as members of the global scientific community. The IMU is supposed to be more than a high-tech club. As scientists and mathematicians, we need to stand up for the basic human rights of our colleagues around the world that are crucial for ensuring genuinely free and unencumbered exchange of scientific information and international collaboration.
March 4Azat Miftakhov was named an honorary student of Paris-Saclay University.
April 27Notices of the AMS publish a letter "AMS and ICM 2022" by Ilya Kapovich, a professor at Hunter College of CUNY and former Chair of the Committee on the Human Rights of Mathematicians of the American Mathematical Society.
May 1Historian of mathematics Michael Barany publishes a list of requrements to the IMU and the organizers of ICM 2022 on his Twitter page. Quoting Barany: "...Like many, I haven't made up my mind yet about attending the ICM, and am looking to see real honest engagement and action from the organizers and IMU about the legitimate and important concerns raised. They are acting like their argument is already lost.
Here is Barany's list:
  1. Forceful statements from ICM organizers and IMU standing with LGBTQ+ mathematicians and opposing anti-LGBTQ+ laws in Russia.
  2. A plan of concrete measures to ensure the welcome and safety of LGBTQ+ attendees at the ICM, both within and outside the Congress venue, including government and police commitments of support.
  3. A direct call from ICM organizers and IMU to release political prisoners including Azat Miftakhov, including commitments from political figures (such as the deputy prime minister) currently on the organizing committee.
    • Show visiting mathematicians they will not be used to glorify the Russian government. Uninvite government/political figures from the opening/closing ceremonies and show they're serious about it being an event by/for mathematicians.
    • Government/non-mathematical members of the organizing committee resign. They could even do this gracefully, expressing their commitment to the importance of mathematics and its independence (or something like that).
    • (ctd.) It is impossible to take the ICM organizers' pleas to depoliticize the Congress seriously when the organizing committee is co-chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and has many government figures (including FSB).
  4. Get the history right. Retract ignorant ICM and IMU statements about the history of boycotts and internationalism in the history of the ICM and give a platform to historians to engage the math community about its real history of inclusion/exclusion.
June 16In solidarity with Azat Miftakhov several prominent mathematicians gave lectures on the occaion of the Azat Miftakhov Day.
July 14A Committee of mathematicians of Ukrainian origin started to speak up against hosting the Congress by Russia from the Ukrainian perspective.