2018July 29Saint Petersburg was chosen as the next ICM venue at the General Assembly in São Paulo.
The boycott was initiated in Warsaw by Piotr Achinger, Marcin Kotowski, Michał Kotowski and Masha Vlasenko.
September 17The domain was registered and the preliminary web page created.
September 21Collection of signatures started.
2019March 29We sent a letter to the members of the IMU Executive Committee demanding them to act in support of two students, Azat Miftakhov and Pavlo Hryb, arrested in Russia on political grounds.
The reponse of the IMU President, Professor Kenig, and the following correspondence are posted here.
April 29Professor Daya Reddy, President of the International Science Council and Chair of the Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science, responded to the letter of the IMU President regarding Azat Miftakhov and Pavlo Hryb.
Unfortunately, the ISC decided to take no action as the arrests are not directly related to their science discipline nor their pursuit of their scientific research. Our response to Professor Daya Reddy, insisting that an action is needed as there were reported tortures against the students, and further correspondence with the ISC.
Quoting the ISC: In this case, we believe that the IMU is the most appropriate body to take any further direct action.